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Do you miss the days when you would go to your local video store once or twice a week and ask, “Is it any good?” and, “Will I like it?” and those movie-obsessed teenagers would (more than likely) tell you the truth? Sure, an algorithm embedded in IMDB, Netflix, or Apple TV will give you recommendations and some will even be good, but they still lack that personal touch.

ReelDecisions is a place to get away from the pretentious, long-winded movie/TV reviews that give away the entire plot and spoil major events that are critical to the storyline. A review should tell the reader if the movie/show is worth seeing, or if they are better off skipping it. What it shouldn’t do is give an in depth play-by-play that ruins the experience of watching a movie for the first time.

Every movie has something to offer and most are worth watching for various reasons. The goal at ReelDecisions is to discuss what makes a movie good or bad, who is likely to enjoy it, and who will be wasting their time (and in some cases, money).

Honesty, Experience, and that Personal Touch. That’s what ReelDecisions is all about!

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Top Gun: Maverick (2022)
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